We recognize the growing diversity within our workforce and want each employee to have access to a chaplain who knows how to be a non-anxious presence for them. The spiritual care of employees is our number one priority.  Certification ensures that our chaplains have had specialized Clinical Pastoral Education and possess the necessary skills and competencies to be a calming and approachable presence at work.  We are a community of Corporate Interfaith Chaplains dedicated to offering certification based on competencies that are aligned with real employee and administrative needs. We are employed by large and small corporations that utilize chaplains to watch over their most valued asset - employees. Corporate Interfaith Chaplains have incorporated best practices of many certifying entities into it’s certification process and will always strive to present the best trained chaplain for your corporate needs. We are committed to being accountable to one another on this journey and offer consultation to corporations interested in adding Corporate Interfaith Chaplains for their employee needs.

We are focused on…

  • Upholding spiritual care in an extremely diverse workforce
  • Ensuring interfaith representation in CIC Leadership
  • Offering certification based on Clinical Pastoral Education, corporate focused competencies and a candidate’s demonstrated readiness
  • Assuring corporations that chaplains are watching over their employees in a professional manner
  • Requiring each CIC member attend annual conference for accountability purposes
  • Requiring certified chaplains to be employed in a corporate setting
  • Offering Corporate Training Modules (CTM’s) online and at our annual conference that focus on real corporate workforce issues
  • Offering cutting-edge interfaith approaches to spiritual care through a membership blog
  • Offering international perspectives and networking opportunities
  • Offering an annual conference with a keynote speaker(CEO or VP) who utilizes Corporate Interfaith Chaplains


About our Certified Chaplains…

  • Certified chaplains have demonstrated their personal, professional and leadership competencies to the CIC certification committee
  • Certified chaplains are trained in diversity and interfaith perspectives
  • Certified chaplains own their faith and DO NOT project it onto others
  • Certified chaplains are trained to watch over employees, management and their families
  • Certified chaplains provide non-anxious and empathic presence
  • Certified chaplains possess the skills needed to function in the corporate environment
  • Certified chaplains are relational, ecumenical, community minded and trained in interdepartmental functioning
  • Certified chaplains stay connected for accountability purposes
  • Certified chaplains adhere to a Code of Ethics that ensures corporations that their employees are in good hands

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