Code of Ethics

We honor one another in our diversity and share a common commitment to shepherd one another in a professional and compassionate manner.  We respect, care for, and support one another and those we serve. Where there is an allegation of misconduct by one of our CIC members, we aim to respond clearly and intentionally. Our focus is on respect, accountability, education, reconciliation and growth. In cases of misconduct, we will maintain confidentiality so as not to cause greater harm. All matters involving a breach of ethical conduct by a CIC Chaplain in a Corporate setting shall be processed expeditiously by the CIC Administrative Council in conjunction with the Corporate Human Resources in which the breach occur. We explicitly prohibit proselytizing and crossing professional boundaries of those within our care.  If there is conflict of interest issues raised, the Administrative Council will seek an expeditious resolve in a professional manner. The nondiscriminatory and ethical practice of Corporate Interfaith Chaplains is grounded in a true, sincere, and equal respect for all persons without special favor or discrimination based on race, ethnicity, class, religion, age, ability, sexual or gender identity, orientation or preference, or any other distinction.